I love people, children, trying new things and going on adventures in our little RV. I never do anything the conventional way, which is sometimes more painful or convoluted than it needs to be, but, that’s just me. I like to say that I’m “unconventionally conventional.” It keeps things exciting.


I am blessed with a beautiful family. When I was 21, I moved to New York City to fly with the airlines. Richard, my boyfriend, flew up to the big city and proposed three months later! It’s been a loving, adventurous ride ever since. We moved to Atlanta and grew our family through adoption. We often look at our two children with such amazement. That God would think we actually deserved to be the parents of them blows our minds. It’s a constant reminder of His love and grace.


I am a former teacher and I love all things education. I taught in public schools for many years. Even though I no longer teach, I LOVE children and watching the world unfold around them. Their joy in seeing or learning something new is a privilege to behold. I have several outlets that allow me to stay involved with children’s learning. I love to create curriculum and do this on both a contract basis and independently. I am a Partner in Education with a school that is particularly near and dear to my heart through volunteering and helping to support them financially. I prefer focusing on the at-risk population, as that is where my heart lives. No matter what direction my life’s path takes me, in the end, they all lead me to working with children. It’s my passion and it’s what drives everything that I do.


I also love working with and encouraging women. I’ve never liked to be “pigeon-holed” into only one way of doing things and I think as women we often are reluctant to step out of the box and try something unconventional. What would people think? What would they say? So, I love showing them that “there is more than one way to skin a cat” so to speak. I like to encourage others to take the risk, follow your own path, even if no one else “gets it” and to also be brave enough to allow your children to do the same. The world is so different now – you can do anything!


And since I like to juggle multiple projects at once - because life’s short so we gotta do what we love - I decided to get into the skincare business. I became a Rodan + Fields consultant and have not only found a great, little side-gig but have made some amazing friends and of course, love the products! Plus, I learned that even though I’ve not worked in sales or business in the past, it didn’t matter. Just loving people and having a heart to help was all I needed. And that’s so fun!


And… since juggling is fun, but also can be stressful, a girl’s gotta have a little wine sometimes, right? So, I decided to get into the wine biz. I do like to watch what ingredients go into my body, so when I discovered Scout & Cellar wine, which is organic and delivered to my door – HELLO, sign me up! I mean really, what’s better than getting together with friends and talking over a glass of wine?

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